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July 19 2018

March 27 2018

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"Chinatown" Daniel Liang, Digital, 2018
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December 22 2017

Today I learned Blade Runner and Alien share a Universe. Tyrell Corp. exists in Alien and Wayland(-Yutami) in Blade Runner. Ash, Bishop, David & Walter are Replicants.
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November 30 2017

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November 29 2017

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November 26 2017

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April 15 2017

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April 11 2017

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But then again, who does?
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January 08 2015

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November 21 2014

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October 12 2014

Bryant: Now there’s a Nexus 6 over at the Tyrell Corporation. I want you to go put the machine on it.
Deckard: And if the machine doesn’t work?
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October 02 2014

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